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 Time Commitment



There are opportunities for volunteers to help mentor the business group in class preparation for their projects which can include sales & marketing, negotiation skills and auction of sites.


Each lesson is laid out in a workbook.

1 hour per lesson 


Dragon’s Den


Students present their project plan to a panel of ‘Dragons’ (a group of 3/4 volunteers). This is an opportunity for the students to review their proposals and defend their ideas.


Your role is to give each team encouragement and constructive feedback on how they can improve their team work, plan and strategy. 

 2 hours


Mystery Judge


Students are into divided into teams and work on one of two projects: the business project – Citrus Saturday (students make and sell their own lemonade) or the computer project – App Challenge (students design and market their apps).


The teams working on the App Challenge set up outside the National College of Ireland (Lower Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1) and three Citrus Saturday groups will be in three different locations:

  • National college of Ireland
  • CHQ Shopping Mall, IFSC, Dublin 1
  • Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2


The purpose of the mystery judges is to visit as many stands as possible during their lunch break and to discretely gather information on how well teams are organised, their interaction with the public and how they perform. Judges complete and return their feedback.

1 hour 

Showcase Judge


The purpose of the Judges at the Project Showcase is to give the young people an opportunity to demonstrate their learning, practice their presentation skills, and receive constructive feedback on their work.


We will also collate the feedback provided to help us to award prizes to the projects.

 1 hour



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