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Corporate Support

We would like to thank all of our corporate supporters who are making a difference for young people and families in the Docklands - giving them the chance to break the cycle of poverty, to take advantage of the Irish education system and to compete in the national and international jobs market; to dream.


Corporate Recognition Programme

We realise how important it is for a company to have their contributions recognised and therefore we have a structured corporate recognition programme in place:

  • Extensive volunteering opportunities for staff
  • Structured thanking/awards programme including updates of how your money is helping children directly and project/site visits
  • Corporate supporters will receive a thank you card drawn by local school children to acknowledge their support
  • Annual 'thank you' reception
  • Media and PR support for both internal and external communications
  • Promoting the partnership on the NCI/ELI website and in our Corporate e-newsletters
  • Certificate to display in your offices
  • Lunchtime parenting talks for staff


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