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Donation or Pledge

The ELI relies heavily on financial donations from our corporate supporters to keep our services up and running. Some corporate partners are investing in the long-term future of the ELI through corporate gifts made in a planned way, pledged over a number of years, which assists future planning.

"Over the 12 months that Deloitte have been involved with ELI we have been continually impressed with the impact that the program is making to the community around the IFSC. Initially Deloitte got involved because we believed in the ethos and educational aims of the program and also because our people really valued the opportunity to volunteer their time to such an important initiative. The Deloitte people who have volunteered have gained a great deal from their involvement and we hope that the children from the local area have also benefited. Dr Josephine Bleach and her team run the program very professionally and are dedicated to the achievement of the ELI goals. I would certainly recommend other businesses to get involved." 

Michael Hartwell, Partner, Deloitte

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