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English Pathway Programmes

The Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CRILT) provides a range of innovative and contemporary pathway courses. If you need to improve your English to each the language level for your academic course, pathway courses are an excellent route to your future studies.

Make the best start to your studies. You will have:

  • Cutting edge courses specifically designed to give you the best preparation and support for your academic programme

  • Experienced professional tutors who understand the challenges of international education and are experts in teaching academic English

  • Full access to online and in person support services

You can attend an English Pathway programme if you have not reached the language level for your chosen academic course. All courses are assessed continuously with no need to take IELTS again.

What Level of English do You Need?

The minimum entry requirement for our English language preparation course is dependent on the IELTS score you currently have and the requirements for your chosen course. By way of guidance, we can support students who need to bring their IELTS score up by 1.0 overall. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System (More information about this test can be found at https://www.ielts.org.)

Once you have started your academic course, you will be expected to continue to develop your language skills for one semester, with support and consultation from CRILT.
If you need to progress more than 1.0 IELTS, you will not be able to join the programme yet. We will happily recommend a Dublin based English Language School who may be able to assist you.

Which Pathway Course is Best for You?

The length of pathway course you need depends on the entry requirements of your degree or masters course, and your existing English language skills.

Entry levels and course lengths

IELTS requirement  Your current score  Course length
 Target 6.5  6.0 (Minimum reading 6.5, writing 5.5)  10 weeks
   5.5 (Minimum reading 6.0, writing 5.0)  20 weeks
 Target 6.0  5.5 (Minimum reading 6.0, writing 5.0)  10 weeks
   5.0 (Minimum reading 5.5, writing 5.0)  20 weeks
 Target 5.5  5.0 (Minimum reading 5.5, writing 5.0)  10 weeks
   4.5 (Minimum reading 5.0, writing 4.5)  20 weeks



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