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Pathway Options

Academic Foundation Programmes

National College of Ireland accepts students from a number of approved Foundation Programmes. Our preferred Foundation Programme provider is Dorset College. Established in 1983, Dorset College is an independent third level institution located near to NCI in Dublin, Ireland. Dorset College are a designated educational institute of Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and are further accredited by CIPD, CISCO, Microsoft and CompTIA. We believe that Dorset College is an excellent pathway provider for NCI due to its commitment to small class sizes, high academic standards and extremely supportive environment. Dorset College are very experienced in welcoming international students from around the world for both English Language and Higher Education courses. You can learn more at www.dorset-college.ie/

Dorset College offers an International Foundation Programme for students who wish to join an NCI Undergraduate degree but who are firstly required to complete a foundation programme. Dorset College also provides a Pre Masters Programme for students who wish to join an NCI Masters degree but who firstly need to improve their English language skills. 

Please contact us on international@ncirl.ie for more information on these Pathway options. 

English Language Pathways

NCI is happy to recommend an English language pathway suitable for your language levels. These pathways can range from 6 weeks to 25 weeks in duration, depending on how much you need to increase your language skills.  If you need to improve your English language skills before you start your course at NCI, please contact us to discuss your options. 

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