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Rules and Regulations

  • A valid student card is required to access the library. Students without a valid student card will not be permitted to access the library. No card = No access.
  • It is not possible to avail of any library services (borrowing, printing or photocopying) without a valid NCI student card.
  • Access into the library is through the turnstile at the front of the library only.
  • Students must carry their NCI student card with them at all times and be prepared to show it to library or security staff on request.
  • You must not loan your NCI student card or any items borrowed from the library to any other person.
  • You are responsible for any items borrowed on your student card.
  • All books should be returned or renewed on or before the due date, or fines will be charged.
  • Books may not be borrowed when a fine is outstanding on your account.
  • All communications concerning renewals, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your N.C.I. student email account.
  • All library materials must be treated with respect. Damaging or stealing items is regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.
  • Use of mobile telephones is not permitted in the library. Persons who answer or make will be asked to show their student card, and may be restricted access to the library. For more information see our mobile phone policy.
  • Eating is not permitted in the library.
  • Please show consideration to your fellow students. The library is a designated quiet zone for study.
  • Please respect library staff. Rude or aggressive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.
  • The library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  • Those who do not comply with the above rules may be asked to leave the library.

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