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Volunteer Opportunities - Educational Guidance

Educational Guidance

(Late February)





Attend the exhibition of children’s Educational Guidance research projects as a judge to provide constructive feedback (February @ 1pm)


Class visits to 5th & 6th classes to give feedback from judging and give a short talk on education/career path. (March/April)


The purpose of the Judges at the Exhibition is to give the children an opportunity to demonstrate their learning, practice their presentation skills, and receive constructive feedback on their work. The teachers and children who have participated in previous years specifically requested this sort of feedback, as they put a lot of work into the project.


Following the event, each group of children will receive a feedback report collated from the different judges with the emphasis on praise with some constructive feedback.


Time Commitment

Exhibition - 2 hours

Preparation for class visits - 1 hour

Class Visit - 1 hour


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