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Learning & Teaching 

The principal role of the Learning and Teaching team is to coordinate, enhance and introduce support services to ensure that students have a rewarding and fulfilling experience, both personally and academically, while at college. The Learning & Teaching team is guided by the Wellness Concept which values a student’s social, physical and psychological wellbeing. The Learning and Teaching Team welcome academic members of staff to discuss any particular students overall engagement and academic progression in their course. The Learning and Teaching team also aim to support and advise staff on all areas of learning and teaching, with a view to enhancing the student experience in NCI. Throughout the year the team offers a variety of faculty development events to showcase best practice examples and create space for discussion and collaboration.

The Team can be found on the ground floor beside reception, there is an open door policy in the office so feel free to drop in for a chat at any stage. Our opening hours are:

  • Mon- Thurs: 10am - 6:30pm
  • Fri: 10am - 4pm 
  • Saturday by appointment

The Learning and Teaching team manage many facets of the College's academic and social support structures. These include:

If you are unsure which unit can best assist you with your query simply contact us on 01-4498624 or mail us at studentsupport@ncirl.ie and we can advise you as to who can help.

The Learning & Teaching Team
 Leo Casey Dr. Leo Casey
Director of Learning and Teaching
01 6599210| leo.casey@ncirl.ie
 Laura Costelloe Dr. Laura Costelloe
Lecturer in Learning & Teaching
01 4498731 | laura.costelloe@ncirl.ie
 Mike Goldrick Dr. Michael Goldrick
Lecturer in Learning & Teaching
01 6599245 | michael.goldrick@ncirl.ie
 Karen Mooney Karen Mooney
Disability and Inclusion Officer
01 6599269 | karen.mooney@ncirl.ie
 Jonathan Lynch Jonathan Lynch
Educational Engagement and Progression Officer
01 4498503 | jonathan.lynch@ncirl.ie
  Dr. Arlene Egan
Lecturer in Learning & Teaching / Psychology
01 4498694 | arlene.egan@ncirl.ie
 Jonathan Lambert Jonathan Lambert
Mathematics Development and Support Officer
01 4498650 | jonathan.lambert@ncirl.ie
 Catherine Elliott Catherine Elliott
Disability Support Tutor
01 6599208 | catherine.elliott@ncirl.ie
 Jane Liu Jane Liu
EA Learning & Teaching
01 4498664 | jane.liu@ncirl.ie
  Ann Fogarty
Assistive Technology Officer
01 4498522 |ann.fogarty@ncirl.ie

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