Bane, Michael

Programme Director and Marketing and Business Assistant Professor(Room 2.12)


Key Responsibilities at NCI

  • Programme Director MSc in Marketing
  • Programme Director BA in Marketing Practice
  • Programme Director Higher Certificate in Business
  • Programme Director Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, PR & Sales Management



  • MSc Communications, Advertising & PR
  • BSc Management
  • Adv Dip in Marketing
  • Cert & Dip in Marketing
  • Dip in Direct Marketing


Academic Experience

  • NCI Lecturer in Marketing, Services Marketing, Marketing Management: 2006-2014
  • GCD Lecturer in Marketing and Advertising: 2006-2008
  • DBS Lecturer in Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Services Marketing, Marketing Communications, Subediting and Freelance Journalism: 2001-2006


Industrial Experience

  • Account Executive, CDP Associate (Advertising).
  • Assistant Brand Manager, Dixons Ireland.
  • Marketing Executive, Paradigm Technology.
  • Marketing Officer, James Joyce Centre (Dublin). 


Research Interests

  • Currently undertaking a PhD investigating 'Female Engagement with Realistic Advertising Portrayals'.


Professional Body Membership

  • Marketing Institute of Ireland.

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