Third Level Internship

The ELI Internship programme is a skills-based internship for third level NCI students. It offers them the opportunity to develop and extend their personal, academic and professional skills, while becoming active in their local community by working with ELI.

Interns can tailor the internship to address their own needs and areas for improvement by opting for tasks that reflected their skills and interests. 

They receive continuous support and supervision from their supervisor and line manager and are regularly encouraged to attend training, events and activities being run by ELI and NCI, to further enhance their personal and career development.

The aims of the internship are as follows:

  • To facilitate interns to develop their personal and professional skills
  • To create a safe, positive working environment for interns
  • To facilitate interns to become active in their local community
  • To support the delivery of ELI programmes


Interns get the opportunity to work across all or most ELI programmes, including NCI challenges, Discover University and Coding Clubs, with children and young people of various ages, in local schools, after-schools and other services. They also undertake administrative tasks and assist at events such as the ELI Conference and Love Education events.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, interns worked remotely for the first time and took ownership of certain aspects of ELI work, such as social media and data analytics. All four interns were also instrumental in the design and development of the Virtual Discover University programme.


Each year, interns are asked to provide their feedback on the experiences they had working with the ELI team, through evaluation forms and end-of-year reviews. The feedback they provide is used to further develop the programme, ensuring that it meets the aims. Observations and reflections from the ELI coordinator are also used.

If you would like further information on the ELI internship, please contact:

Áine Kavanagh
Programme Coordinator
Phone: 0864666413