The MBA at NCI

The MBA is possibly the most famous and prestigious qualification for those looking to boost their career in business and management.

An MBA will challenge you, inspire you and give you confidence to move forward in your career. Put simply, an MBA is a milestone in both your personal and professional development. 

A 2008 study by Amárach Consulting found that the MBA degree resulted in significant career change and professional growth. More than 70 per cent of MBA holders saw their salaries increase by 20 per cent or more in the two years following graduation.

At NCI, our established MBA programme has a strong entrepreneurial ethos, which encourages creativity, innovation and analytical thinking. Upon graduating, our MBA students have a questioning mind, with the ability to take calculated risks and think outside the box. These are all essential attributes for successful business leadership.

Pitching an MBA to your Employer

If you’re naturally ambitious and keen to progress your career, an MBA could be the next step for you. For some applicants, your employer may be able to support your return to education by paying your students fees and/or allowing for study days.

Here are the steps to follow to pitch your MBA studies to your employer:

1. Company Policy

Find out if your company has a policy which covers staff training and development by external providers. If so, review the policy to form a solid understanding of their position on paying student fees and allocating time to study.

2. Conduct Research

Get to know the MBA programme in detail including the time commitment, the entry requirements, and the course delivery format. This will show that you are serious about taking on the course and will help you make your case for your employer to support you and your education goals.

3. Develop Your Case

Take the opportunity to demonstrate how your MBA qualification will enhance your contribution to the company. Be specific by listing the skills and knowledge you will attain such as Project Management, Employment Law, Strategic Decision-Making, and Effective Leadership.

4. Manage Objections

If financing is an obstacle, NCI offers a flexible payment plan to spread the tuition costs across the duration of your studies which means it can be split between a couple of budget periods. If the time commitment is an issue, you can assure your employer that the course is run on a part-time basis and classes take place in the evening times (Monday and Wednesday) so it should not impact your daytime working hours.

How to Apply
Details on how to apply for the MBA course at National College of Ireland can be found here.