Why hire an IFS Apprentice?

The IFS Apprenticeship offers an unrivalled opportunity for employers to develop their talent pipeline and drive business growth.

Benefits for your organisation

Recruiting an IFS Apprentice offers an opportunity to improve staff retention, productivity and diversity within your organisation.

The IFS apprenticeships have been designed by industry, for industry. They are aligned with the current needs of the Financial Services sector.

  • Talent: Access to new talent pipeline. Opportunity to upskill/reskill existing employees.
  • Recruitment: Through structured funding, taking an apprentice helps to lower recruitment and training costs.
  • Retention: Excellent rates of apprentice retention and post-apprenticeship employment and promotion.
  • Knowledge: Apprentices build their skills and analytical knowledge which in turn feeds back into the business.
“The apprenticeship programme has provided high calibre people who are motivated to succeed. They have been a great fit since they joined us.”
Triona O'Healai, Amundi Asset Management

How to employ an apprentice

  1. Employer must provide an experienced staff member to act as an apprentice mentor and give access to the necessary processes.
  2. Select a suitable apprentice role to facilitate the learning of the apprentice to achieve the programme learning objectives.
  3. The apprentices must be released to attend academia one day per week for the duration of the two year programme.
  4. Select suitable candidates with the relevant academic qualifications and with the correct fit for your organisation.
  5. Select pre-screened candidates, new hires and existing employees suitable for apprenticeship roles.