One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether you would like to live in a student residence or in privately rented accommodation. 

International Student Accommodation at NCI

Information for students considering living in student residence accommodation

Student Accommodation is the only long-term accommodation you can book in advance of your arrival to Dublin. This saves you valuable time, as you don't need to search for accommodation when you arrive. Most of the residential options are fairly new and purpose-built properties all around Dublin city. Some options are within walking distance of NCI, others are well connected by public transport. 

What to consider


  • Advance booking from your home country 
  • Time-saving as no need for accommodation search in Dublin
  • Secure living
  • New, purpose-built & stylish properties with great facilities
  • Sociable environment 
  • On-site maintenance


  • Can be expensive
  • You need to pay in full in advance 
  • Can sell out quickly
  • House rules may not suit your lifestyle
  • You do not get to choose who you live with
  • Difficult to cancel contract you have committed for

Accommodation Links

There is a large number of student residence accommodation in Dublin. We have collected the information for you. 

Please note NCI is not affiliated with any of the listed student residences. NCI have not visited nor vetted these accommodation options. Details are for information only. Please contact accommodation providers for more information and how to make a booking.