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Dublin your new home

Many students consider their time at college to be the best years in their lives, as they experience new places, discover new interests and make new friends.Leaving home to live abroad is an exciting time and we understand it can be a little scary too.Finding the right place to live is very important as your accommodation will provide a base for your new life, and be your home away from home.

We have developed an Accommodation Guide (available in our Downloads section) which gives you information and help you to decide On Campus at NCI or Off Campus in Dublin.

If you decide On Campus accommodation is best for you:

  • Have an unconditional offer 
  • Paid your tuition fees in full
  • Apply for On Campus accommodation
  • Secure your accommodation by paying the fee within the deadline.


If you decide Off Campus accommodation is best for you:

  • Book temporary accommodation before arrival to Ireland.
  • Arrive at-least 4 weeks before your course starts.
  • View and book your rented accommodation after your arrival.


We have useful Guides available in the Download section.

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