Dublin's Inner - City Programmes

The Early Learning Initiative runs a number of programmes in Dublin’s Inner City for children and parents supporting education at pre-school right up to third-level education.


  • Enable children and young people to develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions they will need to achieve their educational, career and life goals 
  • Increase parental involvement and skills in supporting their children’s development and education
  • Ensure smooth transitions, continuity and progression in learning for children moving from home to early years’ settings to local schools, afterschool services and on to higher education
  • Promote a safe, secure, caring, holistic, restorative learning environment at home, in school, after-schools and youth organisations in Dublin’s Inner City community
  • Support family needs through interagency collaboration in Dublin’s Inner City 
  • Sustain a world-class research and development site for National, where innovative ideas can be trialled and tested before being scaled up for mainstreaming and/or adaption in other communities