About the programme

The Area-Based Childhood 0-2 Years Programme aims to provide an integrated programme of intervention and support for children, their parents and families from pre-birth to two years of age.

The Area Based Childhood 0-2 Years Programme is the newest initiative within the Early Learning Initiative. The programme's main focus is a home visiting service to offer intervention and support for children, their parents and families. The programme aims to improve children's overall development through the empowerment of parents, and is designed to focus on nutrition, health care, and overall child development.

The role of the 0-2 Years Home Visitor

On a weekly basis, for up to an hour, families will be visited in their homes by our trained Home Visitors. As the child becomes older this may move to once a month.  The Home Visitors work with the family to strengthen the parents’ skills and build self-esteem, to enable them to believe in their own capabilities and parenting skills. A weekly report is written by the Home Visitors to record the child’s development.


All Home Visitors are trained in early childhood education and the programme is free to all families within the Dublin Docklands and East Inner City.


If you would like further information or are interested in joining our ABC 0-2 Years Programme, please contact Programme Coordinator Marion Byrne on 01 4498635 or marion.byrne@ncirl.ie

Community groups

We run a number of Community Support Programme groups for example, storytelling, toddler groups and activity mornings. These groups are run in various settings throughout the North and East Inner City for example schools, health centres, homeless accommodation, libraries and we have even taken some groups outside to local parks. 

These programmes have an educational focus each week to guide the parents with ways to simulate their child’s development. The spaces are set out as an active learning environment which is safe, inviting for the child to explore and interact with their parents as well as other children. If you are interested in attending Groups, please contact Programme Coordinator Alison Pidgeon on 0860100937 or alison.pidgeon@ncirl.ie