Congratulations on your recent offer from National College of Ireland, we look forward to welcoming you to your new course of study. 

Please note that no on-site registration will take place for September 2024 students. Students must register online. Please follow the steps below to ensure you complete registration and are ready for the commencement of your course. 


Accepting Your Place


How to accept your place

CAO Applicants

Your offer of a place was made through the Central Applications Office (CAO) and you must accept through the CAO. Please carefully read the offer acceptance procedure provided to you by the CAO.

Please note that registration in 2024 will take place online. Please follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started section below to ensure you complete each stage of registration prior to the commencement of semester one. 


Requests for deferrals by 2024 CAO applicants must be submitted to immediately following receipt of your CAO offer. Your deferral request must include your CAO number, course choice and must outline your reasons for deferral including supporting documentation (such as a Doctor's note). It is important that if you intend to defer, you must not accept your CAO offer. 

Direct/Mature Applicants

To accept your place please email confirming your acceptance. You must contact us by 31st August 2024 at the very latest to accept your offer. Please note that your place is not assured until you have registered and paid fees. Please see the information below for instruction on how to do this. 

Please note that registration in 2024 will take place online. Please follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started section below to ensure you complete each stage of registration before the commencement of semester one.

I've accepted my offer, what next?

CAO Applicants

Your CAO application number is now your student number. Your college username will take the form of x followed by your student number. For example, if your CAO number is 12345678, your username will be x12345678. Once you have accepted your offer from the CAO, you will be required to reset your password. You can reset your password 48 hours after accepting your place. Instructions are included below under Student Log In Details.

Direct/Mature Applicants

You should have already received your student number on your e-mail correspondence with the college. Your college username will take the form of x followed by your student number. For example, if your student number is 12345678, your username will be x12345678. Once you have accepted your offer from NCI, you will be directed to online registration in August to pay your fees. Once you have received correspondence confirming your full registration with NCI you will need to reset your password. You can reset your password 48 hours after accepting your place and becoming a registered/pre-registered student. Instructions listed below under Student Log In Details (Step 1 and Step 2).

If you have not yet accepted your place please do so by contacting or 1800 221 721.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Student Log In Details

Before registering for your course you first need to login to your NCI account and set your password. This is a two step process as you will be required to set a password for two different areas

Please note that you must wait 48 hours between accepting a CAO offer and resetting your password.

Step 1: Set your password for access to MyApps

You do this on the Password Management section of the website.

The Setting your Password guide provides a step-by-step guide through this process.

Once you have completed this you will be able to access your NCI email by logging into MyApps and clicking on Outlook. The link to MyApps can be found in the Quicklinks drop down at the top of every page on the website.  

Step 2: Set your password for access to MyDetails 

Once you have completed Step 1 above go to  MyDetails Reset  and follow the instructions there. 

MyDetails is where you will be able to pay fees for the upcoming academic year, view exam results after semester 1 and 2 and review your address details.

Keep both of your passwords safe and do not disclose to a 3rd party. 

Step 2 - Register & Pay Course Fees

Once you have completed step 1 above you are required to pay fees to complete your registration. Please note if you do not pay fees and are not registered before classes commence you will have difficulty accessing Teams Events.

  1. You can register online using MyDetails. Please ensure you have your MyDetails user name (x + student number) and password (which you have just set above) to hand before proceeding to this step. 
  2. You must read the Full Time Registration document before starting this process to ensure you know what fee you must pay. 
  3. Payments are protected by 3D Secure which may mean a verification step is required, therefore please ensure that the cardholder is present when making the payment. 
  4. CAO applicants, Mature Students and Advanced Entry Students must pay fees and register online at least two days before your course commences. 

Fees Information

Information about full time undergraduate fees can be found in the Full Time Registration document. 

Students who are not in receipt of SUSI funding for the Student Contribution Fee (SCF), please note the following:

  • The Student Contribution Fee (SCF) for the academic year 2024/2025 is €3,000.
  • If you were not awarded grant funding from a local authority/VEC/SUSI, you must pay at least 20% of the SCF to register, plus the €80 gym fee.
  • Please note that 50% of the SCF must be paid by 30th November, with the balance payable at the start of the second semester.
  • If you elect to sign up for a Direct Debit, then the direct debit payment commences 5th October. If you choose the direct debit option, you must pay a 20% deposit online and fill out the direct debit form and return it to before your course commences.

Students in receipt of a SUSI grant, please note the following:

If you have applied for the student grant through SUSI you are not required to pay the SCF to register online. However you must provide the college with confirmation that you have made an application to SUSI for the grant AND pay the €80 gym membership fee in full to be registered. 

The following will be deemed acceptable as confirmation you have applied to SUSI:

  • A copy of your letter from SUSI confirming you have made an application 
  • A printed screenshot of your SUSI online application account which displays your name and your SUSI ID 
  • You may already have received confirmation of your awarded grant from SUSI, if you have this, please provide us with a copy . 

The above should be provided to the Fees Office by email at

Self Funding Students  

If you have a fee category of self-funding you are liable to pay the following: Tuition Fees + Student Contribution Fee + Gym Membership Fee  

In order to be registered for the upcoming academic year you must pay the following at a minimum:

50% of the student contribution fee (€1,500) AND 50% of your tuition fees AND €80 gym membership fee in full. Please read the Full Time Registration document for a breakdown of these fees. 

BA Honours in Psychology (Full Time)

This course is not covered under the free fees initiative. The fee for this course is €6250 + €80 gym membership. Students can apply to SUSI in respect of funding for this course. 

BA Honours in Early Childhood Education & Care (Full Time)

This course is not covered under the free fees initiative. The fee for this course is €4800 + €80 gym membership. Students can apply to SUSI in respect of funding for this course. 

Issues logging in?

- Please remember your username is x followed directly by your student number (for example, x21111111)

-Please ensure you set up a password for MyDetails as well as your general IT accounts as described in Step 1.

- If you are having further difficulty with your login details, please contact the IT helpdesk quoting your student name and number, and including a screenshot of the error message you are receiving. A member of the Helpdesk Team will get back to you.

Prefer to Talk to Someone?

If you would like to pay your fees over the phone using a credit/debit card you can call 1800 221 721. However you must have read the Full Time Registration document to self-assess your fee status first. 

Step 3 - Getting Your Student Card

NCI offers a service which allows students to download a photo app to their smart phone or desktop/laptop and take their own Student Identification Photo. This photo will then be used to print your student card.

To print your student card, the college requires a passport-style photograph. Please follow our step by step guide to downloading the app and taking your student card photo. 

New students must submit their ID photos via the app in order to receive their student cards. 

  • Full-Time day students will receive their card during orientation/first week of term. These will be handed out by members of Student Services department. 

Step 4 - Course Enrolment, Orientation & Start Dates

Course Enrolment

On-site enrolment will not take place for students commencing courses in September 2024. Instead students must register online, and obtain their student card using the photo card app as outlined in Step 3 above. 


Dates and times of the orientation sessions for each course are listed below.

For the purposes of safety and to improve your experience, courses may be broken into groups. Exact details of your orientation session will be emailed to you, using the email address you provided when applying through the CAO or directly to the College.


Undergraduate Courses

Course Orientation Date Orientation Time

Postgraduate Courses

Course Orientation Date Orientation Time
Master of Arts in Human Resource Management (MAHRMD1)    
Master of Science in Accounting (MSCACC)    
Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSCAI)    
Master of Science in AI for Business (MSCAIBUS)    
Master of Science in Cloud Computing (MSCCLOUD)


Master of Science In Cyber Security (MSCCYB)    
Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSCDAD)    
Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSCENTD)    
Master of Science in Finance (MSCFIND)    
Master of Science in FinTech (MSCFTD)    
Master of Science in International Business (MSCIB)    
Master of Science in Marketing - full time (MSCMRKD)    


*All dates are subject to change.

If you were not able to make Orientation or have recently applied, you can watch this video.

For any questions on your orientation please email

Supplementary Orientation 

Access Orientation 

If you were eligible for the HEAR or DARE programme or you have a disability, you are invited to attend our supplementary Access Orientation on TBC. You can find more information about the Orientation and the link to join on the NCI website here:  Access Orientation

Parents Information Session

If your parents or guardians have questions about you starting college they are welcome to join our Parents information Session on TBC. You can find more information about the Parents Information Session and the link to join on the NCI website here: Parents Information Session

Start Dates

All full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses will commence the week beginning 16th September 2024. (Please note that all dates are subject to change and students are advised to check their timetable regularly as the start of term approaches).

Semester One timetables will be made available from the Timetable section of the website, so please ensure you check your timetable to confirm the date and time of your first class.

Step 5 - Your Timetable

Semester One 2024/2025 timetables will be published in September 2024. You can view your course timetable at any stage from this point online by using the dedicated timetable section of the website.

You can view your individualised timetable by logging into the myTimetable App with your NCI credentials (for example, 

Alternatively, simply search for your course then choose your week & day range.

If you need help accessing your timetable, please consult the "How To" video guides:

MyTimetable App - How To Access Your Timetable through myTimetable

Timetable section on website: How To Access Your Timetable (through the timetable website)

Essential Information

Laptop Requirements

National College of Ireland strongly recommends that all students have a laptop in order to facilitate the use of the online learning environment, as well as various forms of elearning and e-assessment.

It is recommended that your laptop meets the below requirements. Please note these are recommendations and should be seen as guidelines. Please note that certain courses (particularly ICT courses) may have specific laptop requirements. You are asked to consult your course information page where any further requirements will be specified.


  • Intel  7th (or higher)  generation processors (Core i-3, i-5, i-7,i-9-7x)
  • or AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors , running at 2.0Ghz and above

(Intel Atom/Celeron or AMD Athlon/Sempron Processors may cost less, but may not meet your requirements)

Random Access Memory (RAM):

  • 8 Gigabytes minimum

Solid State Drive (SSD) Capacity:

  • 256 Gigabytes minimum

Wireless Card:

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n compliant with Bluetooth Capability
  • (incompatibilities have been noted with the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Adapters and software device drivers)

Graphics Card:

  • Direct X9 or later

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 Pro

IT Services - "How To" Videos

Course & Assignments

Programme Co-ordinators administer the daily management of all courses in the college.  The Academic Operations office is located in Room 3.03 on the 3rd floor. Please follow signs provided.

You will be assigned a specific programme coordinator depending on your course of study. Your programme coordinator can help you with course information, queries around timetables and any issues or concerns you may have while completing your studies with NCI. 

All students should enrol in the School of Business or School of Computing information page on Moodle. Here you will find all required details for your programme such as your Programme Director, Programme Co-ordinator, Continuous Assessment schedule and Programme Handbook.

Programme Co-ordinators can be contacted by submitting a request to Academic Operations on the NCI Support Hub.

Library Services

The Library– we have a range of services and all the information is just a click away from the front page of the college website.

The Library Essentials – starting out as a new student, the best place to find the information you need to know is our Library Essentials guide.

Opening Hours & Access – take a look at when we’re open and how best to access the library.

Finding Books – once you start looking at your reading lists, you’ll need to know how to find a book in the library.

Borrowing & Renewing Books – how you can borrow books, how they are renewed and how you can keep an eye on your library account.

Computers, Printing & Photocopying – all you need to know about using the PCs or your own devices in the library and how to use the printers and photocopiers.

Library Online Resources – instead of just searching the internet, we highly recommend you use the library's online resources to help you discover the best information for your assignments.

Discovery – another way of accessing the library’s online resources is by using the library search engine Discovery.

Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism – when writing your assignments, you will be asked to reference the information you use and avoid plagiarism; this guide helps you better understand what’s required.

Academic Integrity – check out our guide on academic integrity to get a better understanding of your lecturers’ expectations for your assignments.

Library Academic Support Centre – you can get advice and assistance from the Library Academic Support Centre to help you with your assignments and research.

International Students – if you are an international student, you may find adjusting to college life a little more challenging; this guide is designed to help you make that adjustment.

Contact Us - As you begin your course, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help; drop into the library, call us on 01-4498590 or email us at

Support For You

In the Learning and Teaching Office you will find the Student Support team who are available to help you in a variety of areas. Through their “Getting to Grips” sessions, they will help you with academic support. You will also find the Disability Support service here who can provide learning, assistive technology, exam support and more.

If you need any help while in NCI drop into the Learning and Teaching Office beside reception, the team are always happy to offer a listening ear, have a chat or they can link you with the college counsellor and medical service.


Students Union - Get Involved

The Students’ Union is your voice in the college. Whether it’s issues concerning your course or the college entertainments, student welfare, clubs & societies or entertainments, the Executive team represent all NCI students and provide support for any problems you face throughout your time here.

The SU space is one of the social hubs of college. A great place to relax, here you’ll find pool tables, games consoles, casual seating space and the Executive offices. Events are held throughout the year and all students are encouraged to get involved.

You can find out more by visiting Students' Union.

Academic Calendar

Please take a look at the published Academic Calendar to assist you with your planning over the coming year.

HEA Data Collection Notice

NCI is required to collect data from students, and pass this data to the Higher Education Authority in order for them to perform their statutory functions under the Higher Education Authority Act, 1971. Students are advised to consult the Student Collection Notice published here for further information.

The Equal Access Survey is an annual voluntary survey of first year full-time and part-time undergraduate new entrants to Higher Education Authority (HEA) funded colleges. The Equal Access Survey is conducted by NCI and data from the survey is returned to the HEA for analysis purposes. Information from the HEA regarding the survey can be accessed here.

To complete the survey click here

Updating Your Information

If you have been contacted to update your address or PPSN by the admissions office you can do so by following the instruction in the below document. 

Updating your Personal Information. 

Please ensure you only update the fields you were asked to update, do not update other fields.