Our vision & values

Learn about our mission statement, our vision and our values as a college.

Mission Statement

To change lives through education.

Vision Statement

NCI will provide an inspiring educational experience that is innovative, responsive and enterprise focused.


  • Inclusive - we strive to break down barriers in third-level education; we value diversity and inclusiveness in all that we do; we provide the support that people need to participate fully in life at NCI
  • Community - we are an interdependent learning community that shares a common set of principles where individuality and freedom of thought and expression are valued; each of us is encouraged to fulfil our ambition and realise our potential
  • Integrity - in our individual and collective roles, we take responsibility and are accountable for our actions; we demonstrate respect and mutual regard for each other
  • Dynamic - we are responsive to the needs of our students, colleagues and partners and an ever-changing society; we act in an innovative and flexible manner
  • Learner Centred - we place the learner at the heart of everything we do; our combined energies are focused on their individual and collective, life-long needs
  • Excellence - as an institution, we aspire to professional excellence in everything we do; we foster excellence in our learners through their learning experiences