The Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL), is used in NCI in four ways.

  • Use of RPEL to Satisfy Entry Requirements: Applicants who do not meet the specific entry requirement of a programme (e.g. a level 5 qualification), but who have significant, relevant experience, can use RPEL to gain entry into NCI.
  • Use of RPEL for Partial Entry: For applicants who have a formal qualification, but not at the required level, RPEL may be used to fill the qualification gap. For example, an applicant may have a level 7 Ordinary Degree, but requires a level 8 Honours Degree to be accepted onto a postgraduate course.
  • Use of RPEL for Advanced Standing / Entry: In some cases, it may be justified to allow an applicant to enter on to the second year of a programme through either RPEL or a combination of RPEL and recognition of existing formal qualifications.
  • Exemption from modules: RPEL may also be used to gain exemption from one or more modules in a programme. This process typically takes place once an applicant is registered onto a programme.

For more information on any of the above please email rpel@ncirl.ie or admissions@ncirl.ie.