NCI Strategic Plan 2022-2027

In November 2022, NCI launched our Strategic Plan 2022-2027 and invited our students, alumni, staff, and stakeholders, to celebrate and implement this ambitious strategy.

One Connected Plan – From Mission to Outcome

Our strategic ambitions build on NCI’s mission to ‘change lives through education’, through brilliant students, expert staff, our collective commitment to access and social justice, academic excellence, and sustainability. 

NCI, by 2027, aims to be a distinctive and independent HEA designated institution, with delegated awarding authority, delivering successful graduates, and a world-class model of community engagement, from an 8,500-strong student body, in a state-of-the-art campus.

Strategic Plan Overview

Driven by our mission, vision and values, the NCI Strategic Plan 2022-2027 identifies six priorities: Students, Staff, Teaching, Research, Access, and Positioning.

To learn more about these priorities and key objectives of the strategy, please watch the video below and download the Strategic Plan PDF.