Your Yes Matters

Our students are living proof that an education from NCI changes lives, and in some cases, a whole community.

Annually we educate almost 6,000 students from Ireland and abroad. Sure, we could stay as we are and not grow, but it's in our DNA to help as many people as possible. We're now reaching the limit of what we can achieve with our existing space and facilities. So we need your donation to expand NCI's campus to help even more students. We have to raise €30 million, through philanthropic giving. Because of our mission and unique position in the North East Inner City, your donation will deliver a high level of socio-economic return. It will help us finance a range of innovative educational initiatives demonstrably, measurably and accountably.

What your 'yes' can achieve

  • Establish a community library connecting our neighbours to information and providing a safe study haven for children after school
  • Develop communal indoor and outdoor spaces for creativity and collaboration between local families and the corporate community
  • As the largest School of Computing in Ireland, we have the ambition to build digital capacity in all areas of society, especially in those that could be left behind by the fourth industrial revolution
  • Provide mentoring and education initiatives to increase the participation of inner city residents in the technology and financial services sectors
  • Create a space where mothers and children and other members of the community feel welcome and safe
  • Build an incubation space for more technology start-ups, with mentoring support from our faculty and from industry partners
  • Expand our successful Early Years literacy and numeracy programmes
  • Expand our campus to support more students to fulfil their potential

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