Stretch to Learn Programmes (NCI Challenges)

Develop literacy, numeracy, observational and communication skills in a fun environment

The NCI Challenges consist of three events – a Rummikub competition, a Table Quiz and a Monopoly Tournament. The NCI Challenge was designed to encourage the development of the children’s cross-curricular skills as well as encourage parental involvement in their children’s education and schools. The  

ELI is committed to supporting parents to play an active role in their children’s learning, and to facilitating high-quality and enjoyable learning opportunities.                                                                 

The inter-school Challenges promote the development of the children’s literacy, numeracy, general knowledge and social skills through playing board games like Monopoly, Rummikub and interactive table quizzes.  

 Targets/Expected Outcomes: 

• Aims to help develop children’s numeracy (Rummikub - number, pattern, sorting; Monopoly – money, number, problem-solving), general knowledge, literacy and social skills. 

• To increase parental involvement in their children’s education and learning

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If you would like further information on Stretch to Learn Programmes (NCI Challenges), please contact 

Programme Coordinator Julie Booth 


Tel:  (086)4666458