Timetable Information

Welcome to the NCI Timetables page. Here you will find all you need to know about your course timetables.

Class Timetables for 2023/2024 

Semester 3 2023/2024 PROVISIONAL Course Timetables are now live on both the myTimetable app as well as on the NCI Open Timetable Page.

Students must be fully registered, in order to see their timetable on the myTimetable app

Timetables can also be viewed via the Open Timetable WebsiteThis guide will show you how to navigate our Timetable website.

Please note that timetables are always provisional and subject to change, students should check their timetables regularly for updates.

Please also refer to NCI  Academic Calendar  for further information on each semester key dates.

If you are experiencing any issues with viewing your timetable on myTimetable app, please contact the Timetabling Office via the NCI Support Hub and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Online Classes/Microsoft Teams

All classes taking place online are delivered via Microsoft Teams. 
Teams event links will show on your Teams calendar the week before classes start.

Getting started with Teams and online classes?  

How to Join a Teams Channel Meeting and Add Classes to my Calendar?

How do I give meeting participants presenter rights?

Tutorials, Practicals & Labs

Tutorials, Practicals and Labs may start at staggered times and will be released on the App one week before they are due to commence. 

Tutorial Group Lists will be published on your Programme Moodle Information page one week before Tutorials commence.

Blended Timetables

For courses delivered as blended, you will see a mixture of Remote and On Campus classes on them.  

For all classes delivered remotely this is indicated with the word “Remote” before the class type. For example “Remote Lec” or “Remote Tut”, these classes are fully online. 

For any class that is being delivered On Campus, it will have the usual class name, such as “Lec” and “Tut” and there will be a classroom attached to the class.  


Q. The course commences today and I have only registered yesterday or today.
A. Students who are registered or pre-registered 48 hours before the course commences will be able to see their learning events in Teams. Unfortunately, if you register later than that you may not be able to access your learning event until 48 hours has passed.
You can still check your timetable by going to the NCI Timetable Website. This guide will show you how to navigate our Timetable website.

Q: What if I cannot access myApps or myTimetable app? 
A: Once you complete your student registration it may take up to 48 hours for you to be able to log into MyApps. You can still check your timetable by going to the NCI Timetable Website. This guide will show you how to navigate our Timetable website.

Q. What if I can't see my classes in my Teams Calendar? 
A. IT Support have created this guide: Getting started with Teams and online classes?  where you will find step by step instructions on how to find classes on Teams.

Q. What if I can't see my Module Page in Teams?
A. You need to be fully registered before your Teams Pages become available. If you have been fully registered for 48 hours and your Teams Pages are not displaying, please log a ticket with the IT Department via the NCI Support Hub.

Past Course Timetables

View 2020/2021 course timetables.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to use the old course timetable website:

You can also use this guide for details on how to generate your timetable on the old course timetable website. 

If you are reading your timetable for the first time, view this diagram to make sense of it.