Rooms available

NCI offers a wide selection of contemporary spaces, ideal for meetings and events of all sizes.

Spencer Dock Campus at NCI NCI's new, state-of-the-art Spencer Dock building which opened in October 2023.

Our cleverly designed rooms can be used as they are, or transformed completely with lighting, branding and interior styling. Each lecture theatre is fully equipped with built-in PCs, projectors, screens, podiums & microphones.

NCI Campus Buildings

NCI has 2 state-of-the-art buildings, conveniently located just 3 minute walk from each other in Dublin's IFSC and Spencer Dock areas.

A full breakdown of the rooms available in each building is provided below.

Mayor Square

Mayor Square Rooms

 Research Block - Executive and Management Training Rooms
 Executive 1 Cabaret Style 30 persons
 Executive 2  Classroom 45
 Executive 3  Cabaret Style 24
 Executive 4  Classroom 21
 Executive 5  Classroom 21
 Ground Floor
 Restaurant  Flat  260
 Atrium Open Area Open Area Reception
 / Launch
4,500 sq ft 
500 sq ft 
 The Kelly Theatre  Tiered  270
 1st Floor
 1.0 Lecture Theatre  Tiered 165
 1.02 Flexible Teaching Room  Flat 60
 1.03 Flexible Teaching Room  Flat 60
 1.04 Flexible Teaching Room  Flat 40
 1.06 Flexible Teaching Room  Flat 24
 1.11 Flexible Teaching Room  Flat 32
 2nd Floor
 2.0 Lecture Theatre Tiered 165  Tiered 165
 2.02 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  60
 2.03 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  80
 2.04 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  40
 2.05 - 2.06 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  40
 3rd Floor
 3.0 Lecture Theatre   Tiered  165
 3.02 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  60
 3.08 Teaching Room   Flat  34
 3.25 Flexible Teaching Room   Flat  32
 4th Floor
 Cloud Competency Centre  Flat  24
 Jeanie Johnston  Flat 40
 Boardroom 1   Boardroom 15
 Boardroom 2  Boardroom 12
 Boardroom 3  Boardroom  8

Spencer Dock

Spencer Dock Rooms

 First Floor
 S1.06 Cabaret Style 50 persons
 S1.07 Cabaret Style 75
 Second Floor
 S2.04 Cabaret Style 75
 S2.05 Cabaret Style 75
 S2.04/05 Cabaret Style 150
 3rd Floor
 S3.04 Cabaret Style 50
 S3.05 Cabaret Style 75
 6th Floor
 S6.01  Executive Boardroom 32
 S6.18  Executive Boardroom 15

6 Smaller break out rooms available accommodating 8 persons each.

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