RPEL Guidance

In NCI, all RPEL applicants are guided on how to complete their application and are supported in the process of developing their portfolios of learning.

To assist you in this process, the RPEL team, headed by Dr Mike Goldrick, provide the following services:

  • Weekly RPEL Workshops
  • Recorded RPEL Videos
  • Email Support

Weekly RPEL workshops

Whether you are at the beginning or near the completion of your application, it is suggested that you attend at least one RPL workshop. These workshops are offered during the day, evening and online in order to be as flexible as possible. 

No special technology is required to participate, just a mobile device or laptop and a set of headphones with microphone. Applicants will log in as guests and do not need special login details.

July 2024

August 2024

September 2024

Video guides

The following recorded video will help you to start your RPEL application form. We strongly recommend that you watch this video before filing out the RPEL form.

Email support

For applicants at any stage of the application process, support and advice is available from the RPEL team. Please email rpel@ncirl.ie with any questions about the process.