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Dublin Docklands

Dublin Docklands where we have our main campus is the fastest changing part of one of Europe's most exciting capitals. Dublin is a young city with a world-renowned cultural scene and a flourishing restaurant, pub and café life. The city is lively, and compact, and all its attractions - museums, galleries, theatres, shopping, restaurants and pubs are within walking distance of Docklands.

The relocation of NCI to its IFSC Docklands "campus without walls" in 2002 presented an exciting opportunity to further develop the College's core mission and vision. The move enabled the College to engage more effectively at the international level and facilitate stronger international participation in NCI programmes. It strengthens the national presence of the College. It extends the reach and influence of the College in policy terms, making it a more influential player in national educational policy, and especially in promoting its mission. It enables the College itself to make a more effective contribution to the objectives of lifelong learning. It provides a major opportunity for the College to play a leadership role in the creation of a new community identity in the Docklands and inner city.

Our Docklands campus reinforces the College's position as a leading education provider for diverse groups in Irish society and will serve to create a unique platform from which the College can continue to live out its mission of providing a centre of excellence that will cater for the needs of the individual learner, the business community and the local communities. 

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