NCI Foundation

At National College of Ireland we say YES to students who deserve a chance, based not on their background but on their potential. However, as a not-for-profit charity, we're now reaching the limit of how many students we can help and we need to expand our campus. Can you help us? This is your chance to say YES!

Karen Mooney, Student Support and Welfare Manager, talking to a student
Does Your Yes Matter? Yes!
Our students are living proof that an education from NCI changes lives, and in some cases, a whole community. Find out how your yes can help us continue to change lives.
Everyone Deserves a Chance. This is Yours.
To match our ambition for students and our community we need to raise €30 million. If NCI is to change more lives, we need your support.
A catalyst for change in Dublin's North East Inner City.
"If NCI hadn't been here would I have gone to college? Probably not, no. Definitely not." - Annemarie Martin tells her story of growing up in Dublin's inner city, and how NCI has helped change her life.