Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) at NCI is at the forefront of education and learning innovation, with research and practitioner expertise in Early Childhood Education, Further Education, Technology Enhanced Learning, P-TECH, Lifelong Learning, Universal Design for Learning and design for 21st Century skills.

As well as offering a range of programmes for education and learning professionals, CELL also provides professional support for Teaching Enhancement and Digital Learning Design throughout NCI.

CELL runs an annual Festival of Education and Lifelong Learning, allowing the sharing of best practice within the sector.

P-TECH (Pathways in Technology)
Learn more about the P-TECH programme, which is helping NEIC school students with their development, future learning, and future career. This program introduces students to new ways to develop knowledge, digital skills, and work experience.
The greatest gift you can give to your future self is what you learn today.
Dr Leo Casey, Director of Learning & Teaching and Education Programmes