Scholarships and discount offers

NCI has scholarships for exceptional students both from NCI and other colleges. We also have discount offers for NCI alumni.

International Student Scholarships

National College of Ireland has an extensive scholarship and bursary portfolio for international students which aims to reward excellence and promote diversity among our student body.

Explore our range of scholarships for international students.

Master's Edge Scholarship - New

In response to current circumstances where, due to the economic impact of COVID-19 restrictions, the jobs market has been negatively impacted, NCI offers a 50% Master's Edge Scholarship for any qualified NCI student or alumni who wishes to progress onto any full-time, day-time Masters or Postgraduate Diploma programme (not delivered at evenings/weekends) at NCI, commencing in September 2022. 

Deadline: Friday 5th August 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (124.9 KB)

First-Class Honours Scholarship

The First-Class Honours Postgraduate Scholarship is available to all final year undergraduate students at NCI who have achieved a first-class honours degree. This scholarship will allow final year students to avail of a 50% discount on their fees for a part-time or full-time postgraduate programme. 

Deadline: Friday 5th August 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (150.5 KB)

First-Class Honours Scholarship for Non-NCI Undergraduates

NCI's First-Class Honours Postgraduate Scholarship is now extended to non-NCI undergraduates who have achieved a first-class honours in their Level 8 degree. This scholarship will allow final year students to avail of a 50% discount on fees for a full-time master's programme at NCI.

Deadline: Friday 5th August 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (157.2 KB)

30% Club Scholarship – Full Scholarship

Presented in association with The 30% Club, this scholarship addresses the under-representation of women in postgraduate STEM education. Commencing in September, one female candidate will receive a fully funded place on any full- or part-time Master's course in NCI’s School of Computing. 

Deadline: Friday 27th May 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (201.8 KB)

Dean's Award – Full Scholarship

This scholarship programme is open to NCI graduates only. The aim of each scholarship is to recognise the achievement of NCI graduates who have overcome significant challenges in order to complete their undergraduate education at NCI, and for whom self-funding of a postgraduate degree is not a viable proposition. 

Deadline: Friday 5th August 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (228.8 KB)

€1,000 Discount Scheme for NCI Students or Alumni

If you are a current undergraduate NCI student, or have graduated in the last number of years from a full level 8 Honours Degree or Higher Diploma, and now wish to return to complete a postgraduate award, we can offer you a possible €1,000 discount off your tuition fees.

To avail of this discount, you must have completed your degree and be due to graduate this year or have graduated since September 2011. 

Deadline: Friday 5th August 2022

How to Apply: Complete application form (124.5 KB)

Refer a Friend Scheme

If you are a current part-time postgraduate student, you can gain a €500 discount from your future tuition fees if you successfully refer a friend onto an NCI postgraduate course. 

More information available here.

Sports Scholarship

Leaving Certificate students who have demonstrated excellence in sports are encouraged to apply for NCI's Sports Scholarship

IRC – 2 Full-time Undergraduate Full Scholarships

Irish Refugee Council provides services and support for people seeking protection and people recognised as refugees in Ireland. IRC believes education plays a vital role in people’s development, self-esteem and integration. NCI’s mission is to change lives through education. Commencing in September, two candidates, who meet International Protection criteria, have successfully applied for a place via CAO and are ineligible for State supports, will receive full scholarships to an undergraduate level 8 award, delivered full-time over 3 or 4 years at NCI. 

Applications for this scholarship are now closed.

Uversity - Higher Education Scholarship for Adult Learners

NCI is a participating institution in the Uversity Scholarship scheme which is intended to unlock adult learners’ potential. Uversity’s Scholarships support adult learners, who are not otherwise in a financial position to do so, to enrol on and complete a Bachelor’s degree that will transform their lives and those around them. Uversity Scholarships take account of each individual’s circumstances and aim to provide financial support for throughout their undergraduate studies.  

Payments are made over the course of a degree programme and are subject to continued academic registration and progress. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the successful recipients’ circumstances and need. 

Applications will reopen on 1st February 2022.


Note: The above scholarships and discounts are not available to students paying international fees. National College of Ireland offers scholarships for international students which aim to promote diversity among our student body.

Applicants may apply for more than one of the scholarships listed above (where eligible), however you will only be awarded one .