Academic Operations at NCI

Academic Operations is a committed team of professional staff who support academic programmes within NCI.

The Academic Operations team manages day-to-day activities associated with running programmes in National College of Ireland. Each course has a dedicated Programme Coordinator who supports students throughout their journey through college. NCI students can find the details of their Programme Coordinator on their course page on Moodle; please check this page regularly for important updates.

Programme Enquiries

Students can contact their Programme Coordinator by submitting a request to Academic Operations on the NCI Support Hub. Requests will automatically be routed to the relevant Programme Coordinator.

Here's how to submit a request to the NCI Support Hub.

Opening Hours:

  • Online: 8am-6:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm, Friday
  • Walk-in: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday


Room 3.03, Research Building, National College of Ireland

Academic Policies

Academic Policies providing guidelines for NCI students on assessments, research, intellectual property and student communication are available to view and download.

Important Student Information

  • Module assessments are an important part of academic education. Full information on these assessments will be available on course pages on Moodle.
  • Students should ensure they are aware of relevant dates as this will allow you to plan accordingly.
  • Academic integrity will apply to each piece of work you complete. Time management, plagiarism, cheating within assessments are taken seriously and will be actioned.

Student Considerations

  • It is expected that all assessments will be submitted on time, however we do understand that extenuating circumstances can occur from time to time
  • Examples of extenuating circumstances are certified illness, bereavement or something that significantly impacts a student's ability to meet deadlines or complete a programme
  • If a student finds themselves affected by extenuating circumstances, they should contact the Academic Operations team.
  • Students can apply for an extension to coursework where necessary. Requests should be made in advance of assessment deadlines. Specific details regarding extensions/reruns and the guidelines surrounding them can be found on your course page on Moodle.
  • A member of the Academic Operations team will review an application when submitted and a response will be processed as quickly as possible.