Welcome to Giraffe at NCI!

Giraffe's Early Learning and Childcare Facility at NCI aims to provide the highest standard of care, delivered in a purpose-designed daycare centre.

Giraffe Childcare & Early Learning centres are one of Ireland's largest and most innovative and progressive providers, offering boundless opportunities to learn through imagination, creativity and play. We provide childcare and early learning that is not only committed to quality, but is also based on sound ethical and holistic values, which enable children and parents to work together to be the very best.

We believe in creating room environments for children that incorporate the latest ideas in furniture design and spatial learning zones. That's why we believe in motion-conscious internal layouts. Fittings and furniture that allow independence and choice, that have flexibility to alter and meet children's needs. Giraffe centres create zones where craft, block-work, sand and water and home-play activities can be carried out. These zones can also be converted into open spaces, providing freedom of movement for activities such as dance and physical play.

We are committed to in maintaining the quality of our curriculum and ensuring that it is up-to-date, therefore laying the foundations for skills and later learning. We support active learning by providing different sensory experiences and plenty of interaction with experienced nursery staff.

At Giraffe @ NCI, each age group has its own home base, providing a familiar setting and an ideal environment in which to play and learn. All rooms open onto a large indoor multi-zoned play area and activity street. This area allows and encourages the children to interact with other age groups while always under supervision.

Both the manager and staff of our centre have been selected because of their proven abilities in maintaining the highest standards of care, education and development of young children. Giraffe also maintains a comprehensive set of systems and policies to cover all elements of the centre's operation.

For many parents, the commitment of a baby or child to the care of someone else can be emotionally difficult. To ease these feelings, Giraffe encourages you as much as possible to understand the day-to-day activities of your child in our care.

At Giraffe, we operate a key-carer system, which facilitates opportunities for parents to talk about their child's activities and to express opinions on nursery routines and care issues. Parents' views and wishes are taken into consideration and respected. We ensure that all staff are accessible to parents to discuss their child's day and development.

Comprehensive provision

  • Fees include breakfast, lunch and tea
  • Qualified and experienced staff from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Exciting and challenging play opportunities where your child's curiosity and desire to learn will be stimulated and expanded
  • A thematic approach to the early years curriculum with a balance between free choice and structure
  • Pre-school groups awareness of Early Learning Goals

Giraffe has taken considerable time and care to develop a range of policies and procedures that ensure that your children will be safe and secure, treated as individuals, led by good example and learn through creativity and play to the very highest standards. We give every parent an information package to familiarise them with the centre's policies and routines.

Giraffe Centres are located at

  • National College of Ireland, IFSC, Dublin 1 
  • Cherrywood Science & Technology Park, Loughlinstown, Co Dublin Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15
  • Park West Business Park Nangor Road, Dublin 12
  • Central Park, Leopardstown Road, Sandyford, DubIin, 18
  • IFSC, Mayor Street, Dublin 1  

For further information

Giraffe Childcare & Early Learning Centres

1st Floor Adamstown Avenue
Co Dublin
Tel: 01 245 0939
E mail: info@giraffe.ie 
Website: www.giraffe.ie


Giraffe Childcare is managed independently of National College of Ireland. 

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