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Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiative (HCI) allow us to offer courses for free, or at a reduced cost, to fill the skills shortages in industries.

Corey studied computing through Springboard+ at NCI.

About Springboard+

At National College of Ireland we have the opportunity to offer a number of free courses through the Springboard+ initiative and Human Capital Initiative (HCI). These initiatives address skills shortages in the workforce and so are funded by the government to improve Ireland's ability to fill job vacancies.

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Who can apply to Springboard+

Everyone can apply for a Springboard+ or HCI course regardless of your employment status. The courses remain free of charge for people who are currently unemployed. For applicants in employment there will be a fee of 10% of the contribution to the normal course fee. Visit the Springboard+ website for more information on eligibility criteria. 

Springboard+ Courses

Applications for NCI's Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiative (HCI) courses starting in September 2024 are now open.

Information on the courses running in September 2024 can be found here:

Artificial Intelligence


How to Apply

Springboard+ and HCI course applications are processed on the Springboard+ website

To get started, register your details on the website then click the Apply Now button on your chosen course page. Enter your details in all of the required fields and when complete, click the apply button. You will be able to login at any stage to check the status of your application. Further details are available on the How to Apply section on the Springboard+ website. 

If you are being redirected to the HEA home page rather than to the Springboard website, this may be due to a system restriction incorporated on this site to block users who are trying to access from outside the state. Springboard can only be accessed within Ireland.

Please note that company servers and VPN can also give the appearance that users are attempting to access the site from outside the country.

Get in Contact

If you would like to get some more information about Springboard+ courses or HCI courses, please complete the form below and we will contact you.

Data Protection Notice

Please note that by submitting this contact form to National College of Ireland (“NCI”), you will be required to provide certain personal data to NCI as part of your registration. For further information on how NCI uses your personal data and in relation to your data protection rights and how to contact the NCI data protection officer, please refer to the NCI Data Protection Statement.