About Doodle Den

The Doodle Den Programme, as part of the Area-Based Childhood (ABC) Programme, is an after-school programme designed to promote literacy and offers an intensive, multimedia and highly interactive opportunity for five and six-year-old children (Senior Infants class).

One of the key objectives of the ELI is to support the literacy development of the children in the Dublin Docklands and East Inner City. Aimed at improving a range of literacy skills, Doodle Den involves three after-school sessions per week, with each session lasting 1.5 hours, operating throughout the normal school year, over a 32-week period.

Doodle Den aims to improve children’s literacy in a fun and interactive manner, through a balanced literacy framework, in the following areas: writing, text comprehension, phonics, sight vocabulary, independent reading and fluency.

In addition, the programme has been proven to bring about an improvement in child school attendance, improved engagement with learning outside of the school, and improved relationships with both their parents and with their peers.

Doodle Den has run since September 2015 in the Docklands and East Inner City area and will run again this school year, across four sites.

Contact us:

If you would like further information this project, please contact eli@ncirl.ie