Student Leader Programme

The Student Leader Programme is designed to help first-year undergraduate students settle into college life by providing guidance and advice through the support of a Student Leader.

Student Leaders are full-time undergraduate students in their second, third, or fourth year of study or full-time Masters students who have experience of life here at NCI. The Student Leader can act as as a resource, a helping hand, a sounding board or just a person to talk to whatever the issue might be.

Benefits of becoming a Student Leader

  • Unique voluntary opportunity to develop your leadership and organisation skills 
  • Opportunity to make a contribution to the college community
  • Increase professional employability 
  • Enjoy a fun experience and make new friends 
  • Receive a special recognition award and a reference from Student Support 
  • Participate in training programs


  • Training: To attend Student Leader training covering an overview of Mentoring & Orientation.
  • Orientation: Be available to volunteer during Orientation as part of your role as Student Leader. This is the first time you will meet your group of students and induct them into NCI.
  • Attend Student Leader Meetings: To attend three group communication and feedback meetings organised by the Student Experience Coordinator to address issues raised by students.
  • Communication: To communicate via different media to students throughout the year.
  • Link with Students: To co-ordinate and engage in mentor and mentee meetings both online and face to face.

Applications are now open for the 2022 Student Leader Programme 

Please download the application form before filling in to ensure answers are saved.

*Due to the on campus support requirement of this role, repeat Students or Students completing a work placement year may not be eligible for the programme.

Student Leaders 


Caoimhe Kinsella
Course of Study: BA (H) in HRM


Carlos Feitosa
Course of Study: BA (H) in Psychology


Charis McMullen
Course of Study: BA (H) in Marketing Practice

Darragh637491495454892975Darragh Cullen

Course of Study: BA (H) in Business

EoghanEoghan Healy

Course of Study: BA (H) in HRM


Heather McKenzie
Course of Study: BSc (H) in Computing


Joanna Koscik
Course of Study: BA (H) in HRM


Jordan Buckley
Course of Study: BSc (H) in Computing


Lorcan Mills
Course of Study: BSc (H) in Computing


Jennifer Treadwell
Course of Study: BA (H) in Business

megan637396474685750479Megan Ferguson

Course of Study: BA (H) in Business

savanaghSavannah McMahon

Course of Study: BA (H) in Business


Laura Cox
Course of Study: BA (H) in Human Resource Management