Pathways to Teaching in the Further Education Sector

All teachers in Further Education (FE) colleges and learning centres run by Education and Training Boards (ETBs) require a professional teacher qualification.

NCI’s Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in Educational Practice in Teaching for Further Education is a Level 9 one-year option, recognised by the Teaching Council for initial teacher training in this area. 

The programme requires a commitment of two evenings a week (plus some Saturdays) as well as the completion of a guided teaching placement in an FE setting. 

This programme is ideal for those with existing degrees and specialisms who aspire to teaching. The FE sector is an important provider of vocational skills and education progression. Successful further education teachers combine knowledge of their specialist subject with empathy and understanding of young people and adult learners. 

Applicants considering this programme are advised to download and carefully review the Placement Booklet which outlines the process and requirements for that component.