Cleary-Gaffney, Michael

Psychology Lab Technician


Key Responsibilities at NCI

  • Modules covered – Introduction to Statistics and Psychology Labs


  • Ph.D. in Psychology (2016-present) Maynooth University
  • Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (2013)
  • Masters in Research Psychology (2013-2015) Maynooth University
  • BA Hons (1.1) in Psychology (2010-2013) Maynooth University

Academic Experience

  • Tutor in Psychology/Psychological Science (2013-2018) - Maynooth University

Research Interests

  • My research examines the extent in which artificial light-at-night exposure may impact on our sleep and circadian rhythm and if this has negative impacts on our mental and physical health. 

Recent Funding

  • €65,000 awarded from the John and Pat Hume Doctoral scholarship at Maynooth University to pursue a doctoral degree. 

Key Publications

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