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Director, Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning

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Professor Leo Casey is Director of the Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning at National College of Ireland and Principal Investigator of Irish Research Council Coalesce 2022 project “What makes a good teacher? The challenge of enhancing teacher professional identity and capability in Cambodian schools.

He a committed educator and advocate for lifelong learning who believes that education is a core human value as it enables participation and gives meaning to our lives. His professional work combines education delivery with development, innovation and research.

His research is educational in that it combines inquiry with practice and is primarily concerned with improving outcomes for learners. He has investigated many aspects of learning across the lifespan; from digital literacy in primary schools to how older adults come to terms with modern technology. The interplay between the ‘digital world’ and inquiry learning is a common theme of his work.

His core theoretical influences are the works of Dewey, Vygotsky and Mezirow.

He is fascinated by teaching and much of his focus is on the development of teacher and educator professional identity.

Through the Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning he collaborates with capable colleagues to nurture new teachers and early childhood educators and facilitate on-going professional development of educators across the sectors.

Visit Dr. Leo Casey's Home Page for more information on his publications, research interests, project reports, learning blog and professional profile.


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