The Educational Guidance programme was developed for the 5th & 6th classes and aims to highlight the value and importance of further and higher education, to secure better life chances. The programme takes a project based learning approach, with Stages 1 & 2 done in 5th class and Stage 3 in 6th class.

It is designed to explore with the children and their parents how the decisions made throughout their education journey can influence their future. These decisions include; choosing a second level school, second level subjects, subject levels studied and whether to proceed to further and higher education. The children also do a research project in their own community on an aspect of second or third level education, and the results are exhibited in the school and NCI.

Current third level students who are former students of the schools visit the classes to share their own education story and answer any questions the children may have about second level and college.

A series of parent information meetings are also facilitated in schools and at NCI, to support parents role in supporting their child's education journey.

If you would like further information on any of the programmes outlined above, please contact Stretch to Learn Programme Coordinator Lucy Kinghan on 01 4498 626 or email