ELI Literacy & Numeracy Programmes

Our literacy and numeracy programmes were developed to provide educational support to children from marginalised areas to help them meet national standards.


  • The literacy and numeracy levels of children in the Docklands will be on a par with the national norms
  • Children in the Docklands will experience a seamless development of their numeracy skills from 0-6
  • Parents will have an understanding of their children’s literacy and numeracy development and be able to monitor their children’s progress
  • Parenting strategies, personal skills and involvement of the parents in their children’s education, particularly in numeracy, will be improved
  • Increased awareness throughout the community of the role that community, family and school can play in promoting successful learning, particularly in numeracy (DES 2010b)
  • To provide on-going support to student and educators in the Docklands in order to help them continue and achieve in education
  • To enable students to improve their social and emotional functioning and raise their own sense of self-efficacy
  • In the long term, participation in higher education by the local population within the Docklands will have increased