About the PCHP

The Parent-Child Home Programme (PCHP) from the United States forms a key part of The Early Learning Initiative’s family support programmes.

The Parent-Child Home Programme (PCHP) is 'learning through play experience' for parents and their preschool children. It is designed to strengthen the natural bond between parent and child and to encourage a love of learning. It employs a non-directive approach and encourages the parent as the child’s first and best teacher. This programme prepares children for later success in school. PCHP employs specially trained local women as Home Visitors, to model verbal interaction for the parent and child. The Home Visitor meets the family twice a week, in their own home, for two short (1/2 hour) visits, during the (primary) school year.

The role of the Home Visitor

The Home Visitor brings suitable books and toys to the home. Each week a new book or toy is introduced, and the Home Visitor models reading and play for the parent and child. The books and toys are then left as a gift to the family to continue the learning in their own time. On the second visit of the week, the same book or toy is used again to encourage and promote use of the materials. A weekly report is written by the Home Visitor to record the child’s development.

Home Visitors receive an initial 20 hours of training, and are considered trainees until they have completed two full years of home visiting and have attended the weekly supervision meetings during that time. As part of the ongoing education of Home Visitors, facilitated lectures/discussions on relevant topics are included in this meeting. Supervision also provides an opportunity to report back on how the visits are going and to receive feedback and support from the Coordinator and from each other.

If you are interested in finding out more information about PCHP in the Docklands, please contact one of the Programme Coordinators, Michelle Moore on 01 449 8604, email michelle.moore@ncirl.ie or Linda McGrath on 01 449 8608, email linda.mcgrath@ncirl.ie.

PCHP National Programme

The Programme is in its ninth year in the Dublin Docklands and East Inner City and has successfully supported the establishment of a number of other sites across Dublin and Ireland. 

These include:

  • a site in Dublin South City Partnership (formerly Canal Communities Partnership) area since 2009, which is now a certified standalone PCHP site
  • a site in Finglas working with Pavee Point to support traveller families since 2014
  • a site in the Grangegorman area of Dublin 7 as part of the ABC programme, working with Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
  • a site in Ballinasloe working with the Galway Education Centre
  • a site in Limerick working with Garryowen Community Development Group

We have enquiries from many other places hoping to start a Home Visiting programme in their area and we are always available to discuss and advise interested partners. If you are interested in setting up a PCHP site in your community, please contact PCHP National Coordinator Beth Fagan on 01 449 8627 or email bfagan@ncirl.ie.