Quality Assurance Reports

NCI has committed to publishing reports from the following Quality Assurance Events

  • New Programme Validations
  • Programmatic Review and Revalidation
  • Service Quality Reviews
  • Institutional Reviews
  • Professional Body Reviews

New Programme Validations

New programmes are validated by their relevant awarding body and/or professional body. In most cases, NCI programmes are validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) using its Policies and Criteria for the Validation of Programmes of Education & Training (2016). The independent evaluation reports for NCI programmes validated by QQI are available on QQI's website by clicking on this link.

Programme Review & Revalidation

Each programme conducted within the College is subject to a periodic review, normally on a five yearly cycle. The Programme Review is an opportunity for the Programme Committees to fundamentally and critically re-appraise programmes and to make major modifications where considered appropriate prior to submission to QQI for revalidation.

Reviews undertaken using QQI's  Policies and Criteria for the Validation of Programmes of Education & Training (2016) are listed below:

Reviews Undertaken in 2016/2017
Course Title Award Type Level Credits  Programme Review Report Revalidation Report
BA Honours in Psychology Major 8 120 Provider Evaluation Report BA Honours in Psychology
Higher Diploma in Business in Finance Major 8 60 Provider Evaluation Report Higher Diploma in Business in Finance


Reviews Undertaken in 2018/2019
Course Title Award Type Level Credits Report
MSc in Data Science Major 9 90 In Progress
Higher Diploma in Business in Finance Major 8 60 In Progress

Upcoming Reviews

During 2019/20 and 2020/2021, a large number of NCI's programmes will be reviewed and submitted for revalidation.

The schedule for review is outlined below

2019-20: All School of Computing programmes

2019-20: Postgraduate programmes School of Business

2019-20: Education programmes, NCI Learning & Teaching

2020-21: Undergraduate programmes School of Business

Service Quality Reviews

NCI has committed to reviewing each of its service and support functions on a periodic basis, normally every five years. These reviews do not substitute for the normal annual feedback processes or process review but they allow each function to undertake a more longitudinal approach to continuous improvement. The reviews that have taken place thus far are

Service/Function Under Review Report Response
Library & Information Service (2011/12) Library Service Review final report.pdf Library Response to Panel report.pdf
Careers and Student Support Services (2012/13) Final Student Support Review Report_06112012 (1).pdf Student Support Services Response to the Report of the External Review Panel.pdf
Assessment Process (2013/14) Assessment Review - Panel Report.pdf A Response to the Report of the Peer Review Group 01052014 - assessment.pdf

Service reviews currently underway

  • International Office (2018/19)

Institutional Reviews

NCI progress report on Quality Assurance Systems - December 2007


This institutional review took place on 9th-10th February 2010. The reports were adopted by HETAC's Academic Committee on 18th October 2010.