Purpose of Position

The NCI Career Development & Employability team are recruiting for a Project Officer who will build and develop on the success of the North East Inner City Placement and mentoring initiatives over the last 2 years and will deliver on providing high quality placement and online mentoring opportunities for over 200 students across 6 NEIC schools.


Career Development & Employability Manager 

Reporting to:     

Career Development & Employability Manager 

Key Relationships:

  • Career Development & Employability Manager 
  • Director of Student Services  
  • NEIC Project Office
  • Principals in 6 local Schools
  • Employers
  • Department of An Taoiseach

The NCI Career Development & Employability team are recruiting for a Project Officer who will build and develop on the success of the North East Inner City Placement and mentoring initiatives over the last 2 years and will deliver on providing high quality placement and online mentoring opportunities for over 200 students across 6 NEIC schools. 

This role is funded by the NEIC Programme Implementation Board and managed by the NCI Careers Team as part of a strategic government initiative for Dublin's North East Inner City to oversee the long-term social and economic regeneration of the area.

This role has reporting lines to National College of Ireland, NEIC Programme Board and the Department of An Taoiseach and has responsibility for running and developing a large scale, high impact work placement and mentoring scheme for Transition Year and LCA students across 6 local schools. 

  • In 2018/2019 83 students were placed in 18 companies from 2 schools
  • In 2019/2020 NCI began managing the project and 429 placements were secured for 225 students across 93 organisations from all 6 DEIS schools in Dublin 1. 
  • In 2020/2021 when in place work placements were not possible a flash mentoring initiative was developed and implemented. 169 mentors were sourced and garda vetted across 5 schools. 200 one-to-one mentoring sessions between professionals and students were organised together with 17 group panel style Q&A information sessions with 34 professionals.  7 large scale virtual work experience events were made available to TY, LCA and LCVP students across 5 schools. 
  • For 2021/2022 Academic year the plan is to offer both quality work placements and mentoring opportunities to each of the 250 students across 6 local schools.
  • Reintroduce in person work placements for students from Spring 2022.
  • Continue with and build the Flash Mentoring Programme providing students with one to one interactions with a range of professionals across a range of career paths.
  • Widen the pool of mentors to provide students with a greater range of occupations (in line with students’ areas of interest).

Key Responsibilities:

As part of the Career Development and Employability team, this full time role has responsibility for delivering on agreed work placement and mentoring targets across 6 schools (Work placements and mentors for over 200 students) which will involve: 

Relationship Management:

  • Building relationships with the Principals, TY Co-ordinators and Career Guidance teachers within the 6 schools in the NEIC area.
  • Building and developing relationships with a large range of employers from different sectors to ensure there are an appropriate number of employers and mentors involved in the different programmes.
  • Building relationships with the TY students to guide the type of insights and experience sought whilst also assisting in promoting the students effectively to employers.  
  • Building and developing relationships with the relevant NEIC project committees.


  • Completing all administration surrounding a large scale placement and mentoring programme and logging all activity for reporting.
  • Completing all administration surrounding a large scale placement and mentoring programme and logging all activity for reporting.
  • Developing and implementing placement and mentoring programme guidelines for organisations, students and schools.
  • Garda vetting all mentoring volunteers (circa 150-200)
  • Writing and publishing handbooks with guidance for both students and organisations.
  • Working with schools to schedule work placement weeks within their assigned dates.
  • Advertising placements within the school, creating interest and working with the school to confirm students for each placement. Dealing with all administration around individual placements, offer letters, confirmations, placement check ins and post placement surveys.
  • Organising large numbers of individual and group mentoring events online. 
  • Monitoring the progress of the work placements and mentoring programmes closely to ensure success and resolve issues timely.
  • Creating whatever resources or publications needed to facilitate the success of the programme.


  •  Developing, undertaking and reporting on surveys to measure impact.
  • Producing detailed bi-weekly reports on progress to NEIC and meeting regularly to update on progress and resolve any issues.  
  • Producing a comprehensive end of project report with results, feedback and impact. 


  • Visioning and implementing an impactful social media campaign to promote the NEIC Placement and Mentoring initiative to employers via LinkedIn, twitter and email.
  • Writing and then working with designers to develop promotional material

Whatever other duties are deemed necessary to fulfil the role requirements

Key Attributes / Competencies:

  • Positive, enthusiastic, solution focused approach to work with the ability to self-manage and contribute positively to a team environment.
  • Excellent attention to detail with great follow through. 
  • Plenty of initiative and comfortable multi-tasking and working to demanding deadlines and targets with the ability to take ownership and responsibility for placement and mentoring objectives.
  • Commitment to improving social mobility, democratising access to opportunity and a belief that all students should have the opportunity to realise their potential, regardless of their background.
  • Natural networker who is comfortable with business development and experienced in building and sustaining strong relationships.
  • Some experience of working with TY students or employers would be an advantage.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset, able to see and act on opportunities where they may not be obvious.
  • Great written and verbal communicator with the ability to produce high quality impact oriented reports suitable for a senior audience. 
  • Strong MS Office suite, MS Teams, Zoom and social media skills. 
  • 3-5 years’ relevant experience with a third level qualification.

Annual Leave: 

24 days per annum


6 Months FTC 

Application process: 

To apply please e-mail your cover letter and CV both in PDF format ONLY, quoting reference number: NCI 0983 to: recruitment-cdolan@ncirl.ie by 5:00 pm, 31st May 2022.

Note: The functions and responsibilities assigned to a Careers and Work placement Advisor  member are based on the current stated role and objectives of the College. These functions and responsibilities may alter in line with any change in the role and objectives of the College.

The successful applicant will be subject to Garda Vetting and must not have any convictions under the Sex Offenders Act 2001.

The Importance of Confidentiality

We would like to assure you that protecting confidentiality is our number one priority. You can expect that all enquires, applications and all aspects of the proceedings are treated as strictly confidential and are not disclosed to anyone, outside those directly involved in that aspect of the process.

Candidates' Obligations

In submitting a completed Curriculum Vitae and supporting documentation, candidates are declaring:

  • That all the particulars furnished in their application are true and correct without omission and that they are aware of the qualifications and particulars for this position.
  • That to the best of their knowledge that there is nothing in relation to their conduct, character or personal background of any nature that would adversely affect the position of trust in which they would be placed by virtue of this appointment.
  • Their irrevocable consent to NCI making such enquiries as deemed necessary in respect of their suitability for the post in respect of which their application is made.
  • Their acceptance and confirmation of the entitlement of NCI, as appropriate to, reject their application, or to terminate their employment (in the event of a contract of employment having been entered into on foot of this competition) if they have omitted to furnish NCI with any information relevant to their application or their continued employment or where they have made any false statement or misrepresentation relevant to this application or their continuing employment with the College. #

Candidates should note that they may be required to submit documentary evidence in support of any particulars given by them in their application for the post.

Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 to 2014 as amended

Data collected for the purposes of recruitment activities

NCI conducts recruitment processes to fill vacancies within the college. When applying for these competitions applicants are asked to submit a range of documents, e.g., a completed application form, CV and/or a personal statement or cover letter. For the purposes of recruitment activities, we will not collect any personal data that we do not need to assess your candidature for a role with us.

Legal Basis for Processing

NCI ’s legal basis for the processing of this data is a combination of individual consent, contractual necessity and legal obligations.

Withdrawal of Consent

Applicants can withdraw their consent for the processing of their personal data at any time by notifying the College. It is important to note that withdrawal of consent prior to the completion of the process will be considered as a withdrawal of the application.

What we do with your data

People who are directly employed by NCI and are based in Ireland process all the personal data collected for both recruitment and HR purposes.


HR draft up the shortlisting documents and provide the initial screening to determine if a person meets the essential criteria of the competition. A shortlisting panel is generally made up of two senior grade staff members from the relevant department for which the role is being recruited.

Sharing of your data

Where you have been successfully shortlisted for a post, each interview panel member will be furnished with a copy of the relevant information of those who will be attending interview in order that they can review applications in advance of the interview process. All such information will be returned to NCI and shredded following the competition process. Some of the interview panel will be external interviewers, who are not employees of NCI but are engaged for the purpose and are strictly subject to the rules and policies of the College.


Applicants can request and receive access to their data at any time and can request and receive a copy of this data, in electronic/transferable format.


Applicants can request the data held be erased. In this case, the application for a position is considered withdrawn.


Applicants can have any incorrect information corrected.

Objection / Withdraw

Applications can object to this information being processed and/or can request to withdraw from the application process


Applicants can make a complaint to our internal Information Governance and Data Protection Officer

NCI Information Governance and Data Protection Officer

National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1

Tel (Direct): + 353 1 4498 523 ; Tel (Reception): + 353 1 4498 500

And/or make a complaint to the relevant authority

Data Protection Commission, 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28

Tel: +353 (0) 761 104 800

National College of Ireland is an equal opportunities employer and is a Member of the Athena SWAN Charter. NCI is committed to serving our diverse community and welcomes applications from underrepresented groups.

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