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Use of the Premises of National College of Ireland - General Terms and Conditions


The balance of the account must be paid 2 days prior to event by credit card or bank draft, unless you have an existing account with National College of Ireland.


Deposits or credit card details may be requested by NCI to secure bookings.


National College of Ireland may cancel the function if: 

  • National College of Ireland or any part of it is closed due to fire, dispute with employees, alteration, decoration or by order of any public authority.
  • The client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership.
  • The client is in arrears with any payment to National College of Ireland.
  • Within 3 days or more of the event, if the event in the General Manager’s reasonable opinion, may prejudice the reputation of National College of Ireland.
  • Should this be the case National College of Ireland will refund the deposit and will give every assistance in relocating.


No food or beverage may be served or consumed on the premises unless these are supplied by the agreed caterers for National College of Ireland. Menu selections must be submitted to the reservations office at least two weeks prior to the event.

Final Numbers

National College of Ireland requires confirmation of final numbers accurate to within 10% of those originally booked and confirmed in the clients contract, 48 working hours prior to the date of the event and not including the date of the event. These guaranteed numbers will then be the minimum number charged for. Should the number increase, National College of Ireland will do its best to accommodate them - however, an alternative may be offered. In this event the client will be charged according to the number of persons in attendance on the date of the event.

Cancellation Charges

In the event of cancellation the following cancellation conditions will refer:

Room Hire Capacity 0-60 people  48hrs notice required  
Room Hire Capacity 60-300 people  7 days notice

Outside these terms 100% of the room hire charged will be applicable.

Clause 6.1

For all national or international conferences a minimum of 2 months notice is required or 50% will be charged for the services.

Prior Access to Room

Should access for set-up purposes be required prior to the event, National College of Ireland will require sufficient notice, and a charge may be levied for this.

Alternative Function Room

National College of Ireland reserves the right to provide an alternative function room best suited for the event, should the number of guests attending the function differ from the original number quoted or should, in the opinion of National College of Ireland, a more suitable room become available. The name of the function room will be displayed on the electronic board in the Atrium of the College, on the morning of the event.

Signage, Branding and Entertainment

Branding or entertainment proposals must be submitted in advance and prior consent must be obtained. Signage must be of a professional nature and is restricted to certain areas of the property. Defacing or taping of materials or surfaces in National College of Ireland is prohibited

Damages and Conduct

Liability for damages to the premises will be charged accordingly. The booker of any functions is held responsible for any damage to the premises by a guest acting on its behalf. National College of Ireland will not be held responsible for damage or loss of any personal property and equipment left on premises prior or following any function. The booker is responsible for the conduct and discipline of all persons attending the event.

It is assumed that no exceptional noise level will be created by any events or exits. If in doubt the booker is required to notify National College of Ireland in advance.

Displays and Exhibition

If displays, exhibits or products are to be used, arrangements for their arrival, unloading and departure must be made with the reservations office at least one week in advance of the function. Such displays, exhibits or products are the responsibility of the convenor and must adhere to Health & Safety as per schedule 13. National College of Ireland accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused. Such displays, exhibits or products must be removed from the function room at the end of each day, unless the room is reserved on a 24hour basis. In such cases, National College of Ireland, at the customer’s request, will arrange to have the function room locked.

All loose cases, packaging, cardboard boxes and display material must be removed from the premises before, during and after display. In no circumstances may the booker leave such material in the grounds.


National College of Ireland has Public Liability Insurance. NCI does not provide insurance for patrons/clients/hirers or their property and does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage or consequential loss howsoever caused. Organisers are advised to make their own arrangements for third party insurance, or any other insurance they deem necessary.

National College of Ireland Health and Safety Policy

You must comply with the following arrangements:

  1. Not to put at risk any person.
  2. Supply a copy of your Safety Statement and Method Statement.
  3. Carry appropriate Insurance Cover.
  4. Work through the liaison person assigned by National College of Ireland.
  5. Take all safety precautions with systems of work, equipment, personal protection as laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.
  6. Report any accidents or dangerous occurrences to reception.
  7. Cordon off the boundaries of the contractors operation, where possible, and mark them with warning signs.
  8. Provide any emergency safety equipment, which may be required for the contractors' operation.
  9. Strictly follow the terms of any Permit to Work system in force at the time of the contract.
  10. Not to use any equipment without the express written permission of the liaison person.
  11. Strictly follow the terms of all National College of Ireland Health and Safety Policy.
  12. All Contractors must at all times provide their own Personal Protection Equipment.

For its part, the Organisation will abide by Section 6 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act with regard to the obligations imposed on it concerning safe place of work and safe plant and equipment provided by National College of Ireland for use by the Contractor.

Fire Exits and Security

All fire exits must be kept clear from all obstructions. Instructions of security and management regarding same must be adhered to.

Special security arrangements are available on request and at an additional cost.

Audio/Visual Equipment & Business Services Charges

Audio/Visual equipment is free of charge when you book at National College of Ireland. The following equipment is available:

  • Computer, Screen and OHP.
  • Whiteboard
  • Flipcharts

Telephone calls, use of fax and photocopying facilities and NCI pads and pens are not included in the room hire charge. Such charges will be itemised on your invoice.


Public parking is available in National College of Ireland car park.

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