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Differences From Other Centres

  • BIC will become the centre for the e-learning industry in Ireland, driven by a strong research agenda in partnership with industry and the College. Best international practice in the provision of business development supports to high potential start-up
  • This research agenda has to date received generous support from Science Foundation Ireland.
  • This activity will stimulate and increase the uptake and usage of Broadband which has been provided through generous Government support.
  • The work and outputs of the centre will complement rather than duplicate that of other centres.
  • The centre possesses a very strong advisory board of experienced professionals from the worlds of education, finance, management, information communications technology (ICT) and international business.
  • The centre forms part of the College Campus and is fully integrated into its structures, culture and ethos. It also has the full support and backing of the College's Governing Body, President, Faculty and Staff.


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