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Academic Support

Here at National College of Ireland we believe that each student can have an effective and enjoyable learning experience. To ensure that this belief becomes practice, it is the college’s goal to support all full-time, part-time and off-campus students in their academic studies.

Learning Support Service

The Learning Support Service is centred around some core areas such as academic writing, reading, researching, studying, note-taking, exam revision and in general, a focus on aiding a student in all manners of academic advancement.

The service provide support in the form of a Getting to Grips - Our Academic Support Services. Full details on are available on the Getting to Grips webpage. 

Mathematics Support Services

The Mathematics Support Service is one of a number of services offered by the NCI Student Support Service. The service provides an informal environment for students who are experiencing difficulties or wish to improve their understanding of and confidence in mathematical concepts.

All National College of Ireland Students are welcome and encouraged to avail of the services offered by the Mathematical Support Office. In particular, if the student is taking a Business module or Computing module from any of the following:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Research Methods
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematics

Math Workshops

The Mathematics Support Service is running dedicated programme workshops. These workshops are a great opportunity for all who attend to reafirm the concepts previously covered on modules. They are also a great place to ask questions and get advice.

Mathematics Support Service will also be running dedicated Examination Revision sessions over the five weeks before examination start. These sessions will concentrate on those typical past examination questions. These sessions have been really effective and are quite popular with all modules.

You can also request one to one sessions with the support tutor.

Library Help Centre

Need advice for your assignments or research? The Library Help Centre is located on the ground floor, in the middle of the library. We offer tailored and personalised support that focuses on helping you to -

  • Find information for your assignments
  • Structure and present your assignments in the ways that your lecturers expect
  • Get a better understanding of referencing and how to use it in your assignments
  • Understand how to write and research literature reviews

With our guidance, you can develop your skills for study success and help yourself to better grades! Why not contact us today?
Tel: (01) 4498645
Email: libraryhelpcentre@ncirl.ie

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