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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a new student card?

Student cards will be issued to students once 50 per cent of course fees are paid. Replacement student cards are available during office hours.  There is a charge of €50 for a replacement card, or €20 if you can provide a Garda report.

Logging in to MyNCIStudent

When logging in to the NCI Student Portal: "MyNCIStudent" use your network username and password.  You need to enter the prefix "ncir-campus\" before your username when prompted. 

e.g. if your username is x10201234, you will enter ncir-campus\x10201234

You only need to enter this prefix when logging in to MyNCIStudent and MySite. 
For more information refer to the NCI Student portal page.

There are additional guides and information about accessing other IT Services (e.g. Moodle, MyAthens) available from the IT Section of MyNCIStudent.

If you are sill having issues, please contact IT Support

Telephone: 01-4498 667 / 01-4498671
Email: itsupport@ncirl.ie

How can I pay for the internet?

Internet fees must be paid to the Fees Office during office hours. Fees Office opening hours are:

Monday - Friday
10:00 - 12 noon  & 14:00 - 16:00

Why isn't my student card working?

All student cards are activated once Semester one course fees have been paid by the student. If you have paid your fees and your student card is still not working, please see any member of the Student Services Department during office hours.

Are you having problems logging in?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in to your IT Services, please refer to the suggestions below:

  • You must be registered with Student Services to access your IT accounts.  If your accounts are disabled, please go to Student Services to check the status of your record.  Once you are registered, your IT accounts will activate within 24 hours
  • Your username is your student number, preceded by x, e.g. if your student number is 10201234, your username will be x10201234
  • When typing in to your password, ensure you type it exactly as outlined on your Login Details sheet.  Passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you incorrectly enter your login credentials 3 times or more, your account will lock, for approx 30 minutes. 


What is the student support service?

The principal role of Student Support is to coordinate, enhance and introduce support services to ensure that students have a rewarding and fulfilling experience, both personally and academically, while at college. The Student Support Office is guided by the Wellness Concept which values a student’s social, physical, psychological and spiritual well being.

What is the Academic Support Service?

The Academic Support Service is there to help any student who would like assistance with their studies. This may come in the form of studying tips and techniques, information on how to approach an exam or one-to-one maths support.
How do I contact the Academic Support Service?

Catherine Elliott is NCI’s Learning Support Tutor. You can email her at Catherine.elliott@ncirl.ie or phone her on (01) 6599 208.

Jonathan Lambert is our Mathematics Support Officer. You can email him at jonathan.lambert@ncirl.ie or phone him on (01) 4498 650.

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