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Students' Union

NCI's Students Union is the representative body for all students, both part-time and full-time, within the college. All students are actively encouraged to become involved in the Students' Union so that they can directly influence and organise events.

Students elect Union Officers for a period of one academic year and they have roles in welfare, education, clubs and societies and entertainment. The dedicated Student Support and Students’ Union offices organise a number of extra-curricular activities and events for students to pursue including campaigns around mental and sexual health. Providing further support are the network of class representatives who liaise with the Students' Union and the Student Development Officer on student issues of both an academic and social nature.

The best way to fulfil college life is to encourage you to discover and explore existing opportunities and develop new interests by getting involved events such as Freshers’ Week, Fashion Show, Got Talent Competition, Sports Day and the Awards Ball.

The Student Union offices are located in the basement and the adjoining area is the central hub for students that want to relax. There is an Xbox, Wii console, table tennis table, TV and pool tables for students to use while they take a break from their studies.

The SU officers can be reached by phone, email or by dropping into their offices.

Students' Union President
Email: president@ncisu.ie
Phone: 01 4498 692

Vice President
Email: vicepresident@ncisu.ie
Phone: 01 4498 681

Entertainments Officer
Email: entertainments@ncisu.ie
Phone: 01 4498 680

Communications Officer
Email: communications@ncisu.ie
Phone: 01 4498 680

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