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Why pursue a postgraduate programme

  • The reasons behind deciding to pursue a postgraduate qualification vary:

  • Some areas of work demand further study or postgraduate qualifications (Teaching, Law, Lecturing, Accountancy, Human Resource Management)  

  • Some graduates want to specialise further in an area of study (e.g. Strategic Management)

  • A postgraduate qualification can be used to change study directions or achieve a complementary qualification.   (e.g. You may have studied Business or IT and now want to specialize in PR or Marketing)

  • Some graduates pursue a postgraduate programme because they don’t know what they want to do. Further study will not magically answer your questions about career development.

What to consider

  • Before assuming that a postgraduate qualification will enhance your career prospects it is important to research this thoroughly. Postgraduate study is expensive and it is important to see if it will benefit you before spending the fee.  

  • Contact the programme provider to determine what past graduates have achieved and where they are now working. 

  • If you are pursuing a postgraduate in order to achieve a higher starting salary it is important to research whether this is the case.   It may not be.

  • Attend open days, meet current learners and lecturers.


To apply for a postgraduate degree programme in Ireland contact the admissions office of the relevant institution directly. Closing dates vary depending on course and institution. For research opportunities, contact the relevant department for further information.

List of Postgraduate Programme

Complete list of all postgraduate programmes searchable by course provider, location, specific subject area, mode of study and type of course.

National College of Ireland - Postgraduate Programmes

Conversion Courses

Getting your initial degree qualification need not be the end of your education. Having pursued a particular degree you may decide that your career path lies in a different direction. Conversion courses can be the ideal way to follow the path you didn’t get a chance to follow as an undergraduate and to facilitate the conversion from your primary area of study to a completely new discipline.

Your degree can be a great starting off point for further study including Education, Law, IT business, Medicine, Social Work etc.

It is suggested that the average person will change careers six times in their lifetime, so the flexibility and broader knowledge base gained from conversion courses are huge assets in the jobs market.

For a full list of courses available.

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