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Undergraduate Fees

Full Time

In accordance with a decision of the Government of Ireland, full-time undergraduate Irish/EU students will not be required to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees will be paid in respect of EU nationals who have been resident in an EU Member State for at least three of the five years preceding their entry to full-time undergraduate third-level courses at National College of Ireland. Each student's eligibility must be determined on an individual basis.

NCI's CAO courses qualify for this free fees initiative.

In order to establish if you qualify for the Free Fees Scheme please see www.studentfinance.ie.

Students entitled to free undergraduate tuition fees are required to pay a contribution fee to cover the cost registration and student services including Students’ Union, clubs and societies, student support and library services among others. The fee breakdown is as follows:

  Student Contribution Gym Charge Total
a. Student with an approved SUSI/Local Authority Grant: 80 80 
b. Student with no grant: 3,000 80 3,080

This fee is payable by all non-grant aided students. If a student is awarded a grant and presents a grant approval letter at registration, they do not have to pay this fee. Students who have applied for a grant are required to pay this fee if they don't subsequently receive grant approval.

For information on Higher Education Grants from SUSI and Local Authorities please visit www.studentfinance.ie

Undergraduate EU students not entitled to free fees will have to pay tuition fees as follows:

Course EU Status Fee (incl. contribution) Gym Charge Total
Higher Certificate in Business  4,234  80 4,314 
Higher Certificate in Computing 4,314 80 4,394
BA in Management of Technology in Business 6,593 80 6,673 
BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice 6,593 80 6,673
BA (Honours) in Business  6,593 80 6,673
BA (Honours) in Economics & Finance 6,593  80 6,673
BA (Honours) in Human Resource Management 6,593 80 6,673
BA (Hons) in Technology Management 6,593 80 6,673
BA Honours in Accounting 6,593 80 6,673
BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems 7,007 80 7,087
BSc Honours in Computing 7,007 80 7,087
BA (Hons) in Psychology 5,500 80 5,580

Payment of Fees

Undergraduate EU students not entitled to free fees can pay the total amount at registration or can choose to pay the full gym charge and half the tuition fees at registration and pay the balance of the tuition fee before your second semester.

Non-EU Students

The fees for undergraduate non-EU students are as follows:

Course Non EU Fee (incl. Contribution and Gym)
Higher Certificate in Business 5,050 
Higher Certificate in Computing Applications and Support 5,050 
BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice 8,300 
BA (Honours) in Business 8,300
BA (Honours) in Economics & Finance 8,300 
BA (Honours) in Human Resource Management 8,300 
BA (Honours) in Technology Management 8,300 
BA Honours in Accounting 8,300
BSc (Honours) in Business Information Systems 8,300 
BSc Honours in Computing 8,300
BA (Honours) in Psychology 8,300 
Foundation Certificate International 7,950 

Payment of Fees

For undergraduate non-EU students full payment of fees must be made at registration.

Part Time

Students for part-time undergraduate courses can pay the full amount of fees before course commencement or you can pay half of the fees before the course starts and the balance before your second semester starts. Alternatively NCI have a direct debit plan that allows students to pay 20% of the fees upfront and the remainder in equal instalments.

View the course fee listings and instalment schedule for more information.

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