BSc (Honours) in Technology Management

Description: BSc (Honours) in Technology Management
Duration: 4 years
NFQ Level: Level 8

The course provides a sound knowledge base of technology management principles and their practical application.

As a graduate of this course you will:

  • Build a knowledge and understanding of theory, concepts, and methods in the IT and business fields in particular in the following areas (according to specialisation): information systems, business analysis, data analysis, social media.
  • Gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of how to develop the organisation’s IT strategy, the expertise required for successful information systems management, and how the business environment in technology operates.
  • Analytically identify, select, formulate and manage strategies and solutions in business and technology management.
  • Organise teams in an information technology environment with an understanding of the different roles.
  • Learn to use different technology resources, such as data and information systems, to inform decision making
  • Apply appropriate independent learning strategies which meet the requirements of the rapidly changing computing industry.
  • Express a comprehensive view through presentations, both written and oral.
  • Answer questions on the theoretical and practical context of technology management.
  • Gain a view of how humans perceive and react to change, and the importance of culture and leadership in an organisation.

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