BSc (Honours) in Technology Management

Description: BSc (Honours) in Technology Management
Duration: 4 years
NFQ Level: Level 8
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Specialisations: 1. Data Analytics 2. Social Media 3. Business Analysis 4. Business Information Systems

The BSc (Honours) in Technology Management course is designed to enable students to develop and refine business, leadership, and managerial skills with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of management in a technology environment.

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The course provides a sound knowledge base of technology management principles and their practical application.

As a graduate of this course you will:

  • Build a knowledge and understanding of theory, concepts, and methods in the IT and business fields in particular in the following areas (according to specialisation): information systems, business analysis, data analysis, social media.
  • Gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of how to develop the organisation’s IT strategy, the expertise required for successful information systems management, and how the business environment in technology operates.
  • Analytically identify, select, formulate and manage strategies and solutions in business and technology management.
  • Organise teams in an information technology environment with an understanding of the different roles.
  • Learn to use different technology resources, such as data and information systems, to inform decision making
  • Apply appropriate independent learning strategies which meet the requirements of the rapidly changing computing industry.
  • Express a comprehensive view through presentations, both written and oral.
  • Answer questions on the theoretical and practical context of technology management.
  • Gain a view of how humans perceive and react to change, and the importance of culture and leadership in an organisation.
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